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Boss Baby 2

Baby Ninja Battle

This hilarious sequence involves our
heroes making their away across the schoolyard to the very special and important computer\server room - only to be intercepted by BABY NINJAS!! 

WARNING: Very very rough! I only did several passes on this before it was decided it needed to be rewritten to fit with the rest of the movie. 


Similar to the first film, this is a fantasy sequence inside Tim's head. In his dream, Tim imagines himself as the hero of the story, getting the best of his little brother, Ted, who is
rich and successful. 

Fun Fact! This sequence was UNFORTUNATELY cut from the movie, BUT it was featured in the "Art of" book! Very cool! The seq was cut pretty late, so a lot of neat designs had been done etc. 

Another fun fact: The dolphin aliens at the end were cleaned up by Chris Meinen.

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